Our Retired Border Collies

What are the benefits when you adopt a Border Collie that has been retired from our Breeding Program?

When you adopt a Border Collie that has retired from our breeding program, you open the door to a world of benefits that come with their rich history and unique attributes. From their well-established temperament to their health records and smooth transition to home life, each aspect contributes to a fulfilling experience. But there's one crucial element that stands out, anchoring the bond between you and your retired Border Collie in a way that goes beyond mere companionship. This key aspect is what truly sets them apart and makes each day with them a rewarding journey ....


Rufus, a 5-year-old second generation Redrobiena Border Collie, is now available for adoption after retiring from our breeding program. Rufus is the offspring of Matilda and Bailey. He is a focused and independent dog who is not demanding of attention. Rufus is ball-obsessed and may display signs of OCD. He enjoys activities such as swimming and bushwalking, making him an ideal companion for active individuals.
While Rufus is great with other dogs and behaves well off-leash with a strong recall, he tends to jump up for attention and may be better suited to a home with older children. Rufus has a high-maintenance coat but has a low to medium drive, with the ability to switch off when needed. He is in excellent health and has been well-socialized, making him adaptable to new environments.
If you are looking for a loyal and active companion, Rufus could be the perfect match for you.

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